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Maintaining a Clean Facility

Posted on 11/20/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Idioms are groups of words that when said together, mean something different than if they were said alone or in their original context. A commonly used example of an idiom is “it's raining cats and dogs.” While neither cats or dogs are commonly used to describe the rain, when used in this phrase a vivid image is delivered. While the words aren’t literally true, they possess the power to convey an idea.


The idiom of the day is “run a tight ship”. This phrase has been used to convey the idea that an organization should be well organized, disciplined, and efficient. Orbitform agrees and strives to continually overperform in those areas. Additionally, Orbitform strives to maintain a clean and tidy space: in the manufacturing areas, the office, and with our exterior displays.


There are many benefits to running a clean facility. The first of these is that it improves employee health and reduces the number of sick days endured by all. The second advantage is that regular cleaning and maintenance preserves and protects assets like flooring. Additionally, a clean and tidy facility looks sharp and provides another avenue to represent your company in marketing.


Visitors are always amazed and remark about how clean the shop is. Society has programmed them to think that manufacturing is dirty and greasy. This just isn’t the case.


Here at Orbitform, we not only run a tight ship but a clean one too.


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