Be Proactive & Prepared: Manage Your Critical Spare Parts & Tooling Strategy

Why You Should Invest in Spare Parts and Tooling

Posted on 11/01/2018 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


A spare parts and tooling strategy is like a life insurance policy: you should have one, but you don’t realize the importance of it until you need it. Think of this strategy as risk mitigation for managing and limiting the potential for catastrophic failures.


Some companies view investing in spare parts and tooling as a safe insurance policy, while others view it as a necessary evil. Each machine order with Orbitform, you will receive a recommended spare parts and tooling list composed by our engineering team, representing those items you should have in your inventory plan. Orbitform’s world-class spare parts and tooling team will support you in this process, to ensure you are prepared to respond when these items need replacement, and not impact your production throughput.


Recently, we had a customer that did not purchase the recommended items for their machine. They had a need for several customized items and needed them quickly to continue production. Although we were able to expedite the components and “put out the fire”, the machine down time impact to production throughput was unavoidable.


If a piece of capital equipment is coming to the end of its contract life, investment in spare parts and tooling is questionable. However, being Orbitform’s equipment has a 10-35 year + operating life, the opportunity to leverage this equipment for other applications is high. Investment in spare parts and tooling can support extending your machine life.


Be proactive and prepared with your spare parts and tooling needs. Call our specialists, Chad Wrona and Mark Adler at (517) 780-4204, as they are ready to support your efforts.