Automation Solutions For Reshored Manufacturers

Choosing the Right Automation Process

Posted on 05/01/2019 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Rising off-shore tariffs are changing the American Economy.  Many companies who have previously sent their manufacturing overseas are now pulling these processes back into the states.  Finding viable labor resources to complete these processes continues to be harder and harder.  As companies are challenged with the reshoring of their manufacturing and labor shortage, the demand for automation is reaching an all time high. 

Orbitform’s goal is to supply manufacturers the precise level of automation required for their assemblies without over-complicating their system.  Our team has provided thousands of automation solutions to customers who have been challenged with reshoring and labor shortages.  Finding the right automation process for your assembly is key in continuing production. 


When considering whether automation is right for your production, please consider the following:

-production volume

-availability of labor resources

-the increasing need for quality control





Orbitform has been helping manufacturers find assembly solutions for 34 years.  With a wide range of offerings and a high level of expertise, you are guaranteed the right solution to your assembly needs.  Typical automation options include:

-Indexing dial machines

-Robotic Integration

-Work cells and lean manufacturing work cells

-Servo Positioning Slides

-Pick and place units and general part handling/transfer

-Precision Link Integration

-Build-to-print options

-Total Customization


From concept to completion, Orbitform works with manufacturers to find the right assembly solution.  It all starts with your part.  Orbitform Applications Engineers review your part, annual production volume requirement, and your reason for automation to determine the best fit for your application and budget.  The Orbitform team’s world class Project Managers will then work with you from concept to completion to provide high quality machinery that fulfills your production needs.  Finally, our spare parts, tooling, service and maintenance teams stand ready to prevent downtime and keep your machines in good standing order.

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