Automation Solutions for Assembling Your Parts

As manufacturing continues to grow and evolve, so too does the need to automate the assembly process. 

Adding automation to an assembly process can provide a solution for the following challenges:

  • High production volume
  • Availability of labor resources
  • Quality control
  • Safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Budget

Orbitform’s goal is to work with manufacturers to determine and supply the precise automation level required for an assembly without over complicating a system.  

The type of automation used for each project is determined greatly by the challenges presented. 

When discussing a new project, Orbitform’s expert engineers will work directly with your team to determine possible challenges and potential solutions. Options can include:

  • Rotary Dial Machines – Combining multiple operations into one system on an indexing table to
    minimize cycle time and increase throughput.

  • Robotic Integration – System integration of third-party industrial robotics into the
    fastening, forming, or assembly system that can improve the production and part handling requirements.

  • Work Cell – By combining multiple operations in a single work cell, assembly manufacturers can increase part flow,
    balance machine operation time, and operator or part handling mechanism time.

  • Servo-Positioning Slides – Slides programmed to automatically move to multiple positions on a single, linear plane,
    thus limiting operator handling and increased throughput.

  • Total Customization – Orbitform will partner with your team to design and build custom automation solutions
    based on your assembly’s production and functional requirements.

From concept to completion, Orbitform works with manufacturers to find the right assembly solution. It all starts with your part. Our Applications Engineers review your part, annual production volume requirement, and your reason for automation to determine the best fit for your application and budget. Orbitform’s world-class Project Managers will then work with you from concept to completion to provide high-quality machinery that fulfills your production needs. 

Finally, our spare parts, tooling, service, and maintenance teams stand ready to prevent downtime and keep your machines in good standing order.

To discuss your assembly process and find the correct automated solution to maximize your ROI, contact us today. We look forward to supporting your efforts and developing a system to eliminate your challenges while increasing throughput.