Assembling Fabricated Components for Small Production Runs

In manufacturing, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep up with customer demands. Higher volumes, quicker deadlines, and design changes can all throw a wrench in your plans. So, what do you do when a customer asks you to perform an operation you don’t have equipment for? One manufacturer reached out to Orbitform for assistance.

A fabrication house received an inquiry from one of their customers to rivet together a cam assembly. Being primarily focused on laser cutting and welding, they had little experience with riveting or assembly operations. This request was for small quantities with infrequent delivery requirements, leaving the fabrication house to determine the appropriate solution with a valuable return on investment. They turned to Orbitform for help.

Due to the small quantities, purchasing an orbital riveting machine didn’t make financial sense for the fabrication house. Instead, they leveraged Orbitform’s Solutions Lab. We set up our B-840 Bench Top Orbital Riveter to perform small batch runs of the cam assemblies. Our lab technicians developed a peen to form the rivet to the desired dimensions and a post fixture to support the part during forming. 

Every few months, when the fabrication house receives another small order from their customer, they ship the parts to Orbitform. We then set-up the machine, using the previously developed tooling and fixture to run the desired quantities before shipping them back to the fabrication house.

While Orbitform doesn’t perform production work very often, we have found that it provides a valuable solution for manufacturers. When volumes are small and infrequent, an assembly equipment purchase might not make good financial sense. With our fully equipped Solutions Lab, we can assemble parts for manufacturers to support your product needs. Contact us to discuss your small batch production run needs or other assembly requirements.