An Exciting New Addition

Adding Value With Trumpf Laser Cutter

Posted on 04/17/2019 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


It was a cold, blustery day in April.   As the dreary clouds slowly blew overhead, excitement at Orbitform stirred.  The pitter patter of everyday hustle and bustle in the workplace slowed as employees gathered to watch a spectacle. 

A great arrival was about to take place and the team all gathered to take witness of this grand event.  Orbitform was about to receive a new machine!  They were all very excited about the new capabilities the machine would bring, but also very concerned.


 This new machine, a Trumpf Laser Cutter, was so massive that there would only be two inches of clearance as the machine was hoisted through the dock doors to its new resting place in the Fabrication Department.  The tension was high as the machine slowly made its grand entrance.  Inch by inch, minute by minute, fork trucks worked to move the magnificent machine. 

Finally, after much duress, and much to Orbitform’s amazement, the machine was set in place.  The massive laser cutter was gently dropped in place to sit proudly overlooking the fabrication department as a grand promise of the new opportunities to come.


Orbitform is the leading manufacturer for forming, fastening, riveting and assembly solutions.  Armed with the leading technologies and a talented and thriving workforce, Orbitform delivers ever improving results and security to their Employees, Investors and Customers.

This week, the Orbitform team became the proud new owners of a Trumpf TruLaser 2030 Laser Cutting machine.  The exciting addition speaks volumes to the growth and longevity of the business.  The larger capacity and capabilities provide a great value to both Orbitform’s customers and employees alike.  We are proud to share about our newest addition.


Trumpf Laser Cutter

This new machine offers a higher capacity, and “opens so much more capabilities that we have yet to discover,” says Phil Sponsler, President of Orbitform.  The machine will be used to cut a wide array of parts used in the build of Orbitform powerheads and work stands, including table tops, guarding, column bases and posts.  Also, the welcome addition eliminates additional machining to cut holes necessary for assembly.  Here’s a breakdown of the updated capabilities:



Previous Laser

New Trumpf 
Laser Cutter

Type of machine

Co2 system

Fiber Optic system

Ability to cut 
mild steel

Up to 3/8” thick

Up to 1” thick

Machine Bed size



Material loading 



“Warm Up” Time

30 to 50 minutes

Machine is ready 

“Lights Out” 

Not available

Up to 1.5 hours


The added abilities provide a great advantage to the fabrication area.  Laser cut edges are less work hardened, hold tighter tolerances, and leave a cleaner and stronger edge.  This accuracy leads to less time spent reworking edges that fall outside of tolerance and make for weldments that are more uniform. 

Benefit to Customers

Orbitform cares deeply about customers and the product they provide to those customers.  They are constantly looking for ways to create a greater value and improved product.  The new laser cutter is a great example of the dedication Orbitform has to their customers. 

Orbitform strives to provide on time delivery, while maintaining and even attempting to reduce lead times.  In our fast-paced world, new equipment needs to be robust and ready instantly.  Through reducing outsourcing and additional machining, the new Trumpf laser provides a higher quality product in less time.  In addition to working three to five times faster than the previous machine, the new laser also frees up valuable CNC machine time and operators to machine more imperative components.  The combination of additional free time in CNC machining, and quicker cutting abilities greatly supports Orbitform in their “on time” mission.

Investment in Employees

The addition of this grand new machine is a great example of Orbitform’s dedication and investment in their employees.  Orbitform believes in arming their employees with the best possible tools and technology to complete a project and exceed customer expectations.  Employees are being trained in running and maintaining this great machine, a skill that sets them apart. 

In a constantly fluctuating economy, Orbitform strives to find security and stability for their employees.  The added capabilities of the new laser cutter will allow for quicker turnaround in a heightened economy.  Conversely, the machine will offer added capabilities to manufacture a wider range of components in a slower economy.  Working for a company dedicated to providing a secure opportunity to learn and grow is priceless to employees and their loved ones.

At Orbitform, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and invest heavily to be the best version of ourselves.  The addition of a new, high capacity Trumpf laser cutter is yet another example of the extreme dedication to this mission.  It provides new growth and stability opportunities for employees and lead time reductions while increasing quality for our customers.


We are excited to share our new capabilities with you and stand ready to help with your next project.  Contact us today to find your assembly solution at 517-787-9447.


Orbitform will be accepting bids for the used laser cutter.  For more details, contact Jim Smith by e-mail at